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Don't worry Enderman, scotch tape fixes everything!

Lol the fourth one mega-evolved his cry.

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"You guys are doorknobs"
So Katy's a window lock?

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Um... I have no words... some of the gameplay was weird or just frustrating like the part when you jump into the hole, the movement is kinda funky.

level 6 is impossible. screw that red gear... how the heck do i even get past it? there is no time to change pitch mid-air or anything without trying to get probably millisecond perfect timing. This is a nice game though! (-1 star because of level 6)

toadfrogs responds:

Someone uploaded a walkthrough of this game at YouTube :D Search for it and you'll see how it's done.

Oh my god nostalgia... My mind is overflowing with it right now.

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I can some insane orb ship parts in a 1.9 styled level that features nothing that came after 1.9 (mainly bc i can't update my Geometry Dash on my device for some odd reason).
This song alone though is quite the treat. Quite unique for what I hear of dubstep these days.

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KaixoMusic responds:

Thanks! The thing is, this isn't Dubstep... It is Electro...

I like how the synth is switching around the start of the song, also the retro lead is cool. You definitely deserve more attention!

DJ-Wolff responds:

To be honest, this was made in 3 days with only free loops, but thanks! I’m starting to make my own melodies, like in Press Start (the first two parts I made, the drop was made from loops that came from a future bass loop pack).


I like the drop around 1 minute, it has that atmosphere in it, lacking background sound, but that's what gives it it's feeling. the overall feeling of this song is charming. I can imagine a calm retro style level with this song. The only negative things about this song in my opinion is that some parts are a bit too quiet, and the very last part. The synth lead at the end didn't fit too well in my opinion.

DJ-Wolff responds:

to be honest, the drop was the only part of the song that I made with loops. Still proud of it though. I was going to add both parts to the heart and soul bit but for some odd reason one note was like a frickin octave away from where it should've been.

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ok it looks good but what the heck? seriously what is that trainer doing exactly?

ZippyTheWicked responds:

Fishing and being upset??

cool, what is he? he looks like a muppet sorta

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TheEvaluh responds:

He is yellow

omg what happend to youi flowey._. gonna get nightmares ¯\_ ͯ ᗜ ͯ_/¯

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Hi there! I compose music, mainly of the techno and house genres, I do explore further than those two though of course. I like gaming and stuff. I am transsexual, and I identify as a female (don't effing harass me). Otherwise I just exist, goodbye.

17, Female

Music and stuff

A poorly maintained school.

I live in my house.


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