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Hi. I like to draw, compose music, play video games, watch anime, and sleep.

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Posted by Spikrin - January 20th, 2018

If any of you want to hear my music before I post my tracks here, then please view my Soundtrap profile! Here is the link. https://www.soundtrap.com/sparkzu78?#!/tab/public/

I can't always just post my music here due to the upload quota/limit, I want to though.

Posted by Spikrin - September 27th, 2017

Good news and bad news this time. Ok so I have a bunch of music that I made, including some collabs with great people like Screem00, Samuel E Unimancer, El TioFoxy FX, Ta The Inkling, g27629 (The Real Hex), TechoDaEverything!, Umix The Reedling, Desmond Mehta. Also including everyone who worked on "Track #3" (What an original well thought out song name), which was started by White Kidz (That's his/her name on SoundTrap...), everyone who worked on "New Times", which was started by Angel Trevisan, and everyone who worked on Dungeon Island, which was started by my good friend Screem00 who i've collabed with in the past a few times. SO that's everyone I've collabed with. OK NOW the bad news... I might not be able to be as active on Newgrounds anymore (Like, school exists, and I have other big projects to work on you know), so yeah, sorry for that. But look out for any new music that I will (remember) to post here on Newgrounds! I won't be dead here, and don't think that I'm not working on music at least a little bit :). Thanks for reading this!

Posted by Spikrin - August 24th, 2017

For anyone who qonders what program I use,I use Soundtrap! An online music program that is free, but you can buy Pro, Premium, or Supreme to add more features, instruments and loops available to you, when you make an account you get a free trial for premium. To find me, my username is AcaiAlkaline (Using the same avatar as here), and feel free to send me a message if you're up for a collaboration (I doubt it though lol). 

Posted by Spikrin - July 8th, 2017

I have, what could possibly be my best song ever so far! Its coming up, for the second round of the NG Underdogs Audio Contest (If I make it to the second round). The song is called Nebula, and it gives me nostalgia when i listen to it, and thats exactly what im going for. I was inspired by Resonance by HOME btw. Anyways I hope you enjoy it!

Posted by Spikrin - May 10th, 2017

Hey, I have made more music over my time on newgrounds. By the way "Creepy Island" is just something fanmade on My Singing Monsters, it's still WIP, so it will be longer and better sounding. Anyways, please review my music, I like the constructive critism for what i can add, change, or do with my future songs! Hope you enjoy :) Also i play geometry dash too if you are curious, my gd username is Sparkzu78.

Posted by Spikrin - February 20th, 2017

Yeah! My first soundtrack! its not the nest but its still being fixed but i wanted to release it since i had nothing to do with my life on my winter vacation (yeeeeeeeeeeeeee vacation). But the "game" is work in progress. 25 more levels and 9999 pieces of coding left. its kinda of a big game, although the graphics look like my stomach virus from a littlkw hile ago (its not that bad). But i will make mre songs in the future and shout out to Squeegee4554 for scouting me and being a good friend. :)

Posted by Spikrin - February 15th, 2017

so ive decided to do games, and music and thats it. plus it may be "impossible" to make a game, a 8-bit style game perhaps, I should say ;) youll see.

Posted by Spikrin - July 29th, 2016

hello! im Spikrin. welcome to my profile. i make games and audio and a movie once in a blue moon. sometimes art but i like mostly everything so you can get me into something :). thats all there is that i do here watch, play, and listen. :P