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good. i love this.

One of my new favorite songs!


pretty good

Amazing song. Definitely unique.

1f1n1ty responds:

this was another one of those outlandish ideas i had that didn't execute super well but is really crazy and interesting nonetheless

glad you enjoyed it!

Great! I like the mixed in deviating tones and samples.

I can some insane orb ship parts in a 1.9 styled level that features nothing that came after 1.9 (mainly bc i can't update my Geometry Dash on my device for some odd reason).
This song alone though is quite the treat. Quite unique for what I hear of dubstep these days.

KaixoMusic responds:

Thanks! The thing is, this isn't Dubstep... It is Electro...

I like how the synth is switching around the start of the song, also the retro lead is cool. You definitely deserve more attention!

DJ-Wolff responds:

To be honest, this was made in 3 days with only free loops, but thanks! I’m starting to make my own melodies, like in Press Start (the first two parts I made, the drop was made from loops that came from a future bass loop pack).


I like the drop around 1 minute, it has that atmosphere in it, lacking background sound, but that's what gives it it's feeling. the overall feeling of this song is charming. I can imagine a calm retro style level with this song. The only negative things about this song in my opinion is that some parts are a bit too quiet, and the very last part. The synth lead at the end didn't fit too well in my opinion.

DJ-Wolff responds:

to be honest, the drop was the only part of the song that I made with loops. Still proud of it though. I was going to add both parts to the heart and soul bit but for some odd reason one note was like a frickin octave away from where it should've been.

Cool new song! I really love it, your level series is amazing! The parts including orchestral instruments song reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy except it's on steroids. The drops remind me of the kind of dubstep I want to learn how to make. The fast paced parts with synths without orchestral instruments are just epic.

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